The Lotus Eater is a World Quest that takes place in Enkanomiya. You must first solve a puzzle in The Serpent’s Heart to unlock it. But before embarking on this puzzle-solving adventure, it’s important that you switch your daylight settings to Evernight.

Once that’s done, head to the location circled in the image below. There, you’ll find a room with water underneath, as well as a Ruin Sentinel chilling on the left platform.

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Defeat the Ruin Sentinel and turn your attention to the wall behind it. You’ll find Symbols that match those of the Key Sigils’. Interact with the wall to light up the Symbols and reveal dots beside each of them. You don’t need to surrender Key Sigils to complete this part of the puzzle.

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Like all other puzzles that direct back to The Serpent’s Heart’s Temple, the dots represent the order in which you should walk through the transparent walls. With that in mind, head to the center of the clearing at the northwest of The Serpent’s Heart.

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From the center, walk past the transparent walls containing the Symbols in the same order as the image above. You must walk from the inside out. If you do the opposite, the puzzle won’t complete. After all five are done, a cutscene will play, an afterimage named ??? will appear, and the Lotus Eater World Quest will unlock.

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