In the Evernight Temple, you’ll encounter a peculiar Labyrinth that can only be solved by toggling with the region’s daylight settings. It’s a lot easier than it looks, so don’t be intimidated!

Start by heading to the area marked up in the image below. This will take you to a clearing that contains one day-night switch mechanism and two triangular mechanisms.

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From there, you’ll get a good view of the Labyrinth below. There are a few rules to this Labyrinth:

  • The layout can be changed when the daylight setting is changed to Whitenight.
  • Your goal is to light up all four Hydro Monuments in the Labyrinth, but they must all be lit up in one go (i.e. you can’t change daylight settings in-between).
  • You can only access the Labyrinth puzzle during Evernight.
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With that said, change your daylight setting to Whitenight, then activate the two triangular mechanisms in the order prescribed by the image above. Hit each of them with a Normal Attack to activate. A cutscene of the Labyrinth layout shifting should play upon each activation.

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Once that’s done, change your daylight setting to Evernight and delve into the Labyrinth. There are four Hydro Monuments in total—you can determine their locations from the lights permeating the sky. You can’t change the Labyrinth layout in-between lighting up the Monuments, so make sure you changed the layout as instructed above.

Once all four Hydro Monuments are lit up, a gate on the ground will open up. Jump down to find a Luxurious Chest that contains Date’s Medal of Recognition, which is necessary for the World Quest called Date’s Challenge.

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