At the south of Fuao Vale, you’ll encounter a familiar Unique Rock Pillar used to unlock The Lost Valley Domain. It’s also connected to a second hidden puzzle that will reward you with a Precious Chest after completion.

Start by heading to the area circled in the image below. Make sure to bring a character who can deal Geo Damage and create Geo Constructs, such as the Geo Traveler, Ningguang, and Zhongli.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Once you get there, you’ll find a Unique Rock Pillar and a tree with pink leaves beside it. You need to do the following in the exact order:

  1. Place a Geo Construct in front of the tree. Its ideal position is circled below.
  2. Attack the Unique Rock Pillar on the left using Geo Damage.
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Doing the steps above will prompt Geo Resonance to emit from the Unique Rock Pillar, connecting with the Geo Construct. It will then cause another shockwave to push upward, breaking rocks blocking the entrance to an underground cave.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Reference the area circled in the image above if you’re having trouble finding the cave. After, jump down to claim your Precious Chest. If you find that the rocks blocking the cave have not been destroyed, redo the puzzle from the beginning, but try adjusting the position of your Geo Construct.

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