When players reach the point where they must attack the Gray Garrison, they will eventually encounter a shrine room with a curious statue puzzle.

Solving the statue puzzle will lead to a secret room filled with loot that the player may find valuable to sell or keep. However, before they can deal with the puzzle, they must first deal with the room’s occupants.

The statue puzzle room when players find it is filled with both crusader recruits and a succubus. Both the succubus and crusader recruits will become hostile after the player enters the room.

Because of this, they will need to deal with the hostiles quickly, and we recommend focusing on the succubus first and then dealing with the weaker enemies second.

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After dispatching the hostiles, you will be able to focus on solving the puzzle. To solve the statue puzzle, you must press the statues in a certain order.

Press the statues in the right order, and the secret room filled with loot that can be sold or kept will unlock. That said, press the statues in the following order, as shown by our image below.

In short, follow the red line to where it ends, so start with the first statue on the right, then the 2nd statue on the left, and then the first statue on the left.

After you finish our red line completely, start with the green line by pressing the 3rd statue on the left row, the 2nd on the right, and the third on the left.

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