Forager has a over 15 basic puzzles for us to solve throughout the world. Most of these are relatively simple, but sometimes players just want to play the game, not solve riddles! In this guide, we’re going to explain how to solve the Skull Braziers Puzzle in the Graveyard Biome.

How to Solve the Graveyard Biome Skull Braziers Puzzle

The Skull Braziers Puzzle requires an affiliation to magic. Or, instead, at leat a source of fire. The solution to this puzzle mimics the pattern of most other games that have unlit braziers: light them! This can be done with any fire source you’d like to use.

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The solution to the Braziers puzzle in Forager.

As you can see in the images above, we’ve opted to use a single Demon Scroll to light them all in one go. However, there are other options if you don’t have one of these available. The list below are the items you can choose from to light the braziers.

  • Flaming Pickaxe
  • Flaming Sword or Bow
  • Bomb
  • Demon Scroll

Once you’ve lit all four braziers, the puzzle will be complete, and you’ll receive a Big Chest as a reward.

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