One of the puzzles you will need to solve in Resident Evil Village involves five bells, so here is how to solve it and more. 

How to solve the Atelier Bell Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

To solve the bell puzzle in Resident Evil Village, you need to hit a total of five bells hidden one after another inside a room called the Atelier. You can find this room eventually in the castle, and you will know you are in it when you see a massive painting of Lady Dimitrescu.

Next to this painting will be a note that says something along the lines of let the five bells ring out. This is an indication of what we just stated in this guide – to solve the puzzle, you will need to hit all of the bells to make them ring once.

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You can find all of the bells pretty straightforwardly in the room you are in, but if you need help, here are the locations of all bells in the Atelier.

  • Bell One – The first bell will be sitting on a table next to a statue and a bust, you can also just hit this one with your knife to save ammo.
  • Bell Two – Above the table, you will find the next bell that will behind a set of gears.
  • Bell Three – The next bell you will need to find by climbing a set of stairs outside the room onto a balcony – after this, you should see the bell from a huge window.
  • Bell Four – The fourth bell will be on top of a cabinet next to both a painting and a candle. 
  • Bell Five – The last bell you will be inside a massive chandelier in the room you are in. If you have trouble shooting it, try going back to the balcony you hit the one outside the window. From there, you should be able to see the top of the bell. 

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