On your journey through Seeds of Life, you’ll encounter some eight-legged pedestals. These are actually your checkpoints in the game. If you die, you’ll respawn at one of these to continue your adventure. But sometimes, when you find these, they are dark, and they have to be reactivated.

To reactive a pedestal, you need to solve a mini-puzzle first. This involves spinning three circles to form a symbol, which upon getting it correct, will relight the pedestal and cleanse the area of darkness around you.

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You must move all three circles to align with the blue section of the symbol around the outside. First, select the outermost circle, and this will turn the outline of the symbols on that circle red to indicate that it is the one you are revolving. Align that circle so the points are pointing at the blue symbols.

Next, the second inner circle, rotate this until it fits snuggly with the outer circle, and then do the same with the innermost circle. The second you have aligned all three, the pedestal will become active, and the darkness will be cleansed. If you are having trouble, use the image below to see how they all align together.

When you progress through the game, you’ll encounter any of these puzzles. To solve them easily, look at the shapes on the ground, more so the individual petals—they may be darkened, but you should still be able to make out the shape of them. Remember the shape and try and align the circles to make that shape, and the puzzle will be solved for each one.

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