Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island has many new things to do in the 1.5 update. You can explore a new area, build various buildings, battle monsters, and complete the new exploration point. This one can be tricky, as it is unclear how to solve it. This may leave you wondering how to complete the exploration point in Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island.

How to complete the Exploration Point in Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island

While exploring Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, you may come across a round brown ground pod with the symbol for a plunging attack. This is a new exploration point, but you cannot solve it by simply using a plunging attack. Instead, you must lure an enemy nearby and have it fall into the pit. This will complete the exploration point and give you a Black Nucleus.

Some players have reported that the Clone Relic will also activate and complete this exploration point, but we have not been able to test and confirm this. If it works, then it is much easier to use this Relic than to lure an enemy to the exploration point.

You find many other rewards throughout Artificial Island, including materials, Red Nuclei, and more. Keep exploring this area, and you will find plenty of items and resources to collect.

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