There’s no shortage of puzzles in Enkanomiya, which is designed to give you a different set of challenges depending on your daylight setting. In the Evernight Temple, you’ll find a classic Elemental Monument puzzle with fairly simple mechanics: you need to light them up in the correct order to receive a reward.

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Make sure that your daylight setting is set to Evernight to access this puzzle without issue. You can always change it with a day-night switching mechanism scattered all over the region.

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Start by heading to the area circled in the image above. You’ll find a trail of five Electro Monuments. Assuming that you’re facing northeast, light up the Monuments in the exact order below to complete the puzzle.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

You can light up the Monuments using any Electro Attack, such as Fischl’s Charged Attack. If you make a mistake, light up the rest of the Monuments to reset the puzzle and try again. Alternatively, you can teleport away and teleport back to the area or relog to reset it. Completing this puzzle will reward you with an Exquisite Chest.

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