Inazuma’s Cube puzzles can be a bit tricky, as moving one Cube can cause others to move in conjunction. This nuance can make it a headache to force all cube faces to light up in the same direction. In the small islet between Tatrasuna and Nazuchi Beach, you’ll find a three-Cube puzzle that’s super-easy to solve, as long as you hit them in the correct order.

Start by heading to the area marked up on the map below.

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The Cube puzzle you’ll find will have all three Cubes lit up differently. Unlike most Cube puzzles that require all three petals to light up, this puzzle requires you to only light up two. Hitting one Cube will cause the others to change their lighting formation—but it’s important that the top and right petals are the ones lit up.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Cubes are labeled by number in the image above. Simply hit them with a Normal Attack in this exact order: 1 > 3 > 3. Doing so will solve the puzzle and reward you with a Common Chest.

If you accidentally hit the Cubes in the wrong order, teleport away and return to the area or relog to reset the puzzle and try again. You can try as many times as you want without consequence.

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