Between your cases in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you will find dozens of delightful side-cases to keep you sharp and help you earn a couple of bucks on the side, too. You’ll find the great Blindsided case inside the Cordona Chronicle building by eavesdropping on two men. To start this investigation:

  • Pin the clue Eyes Wide Shot.
  • Head to the Old Ruins in Southwestern Grand Saray.
  • Move toward the ruins on the beach to find the Undertaker.
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You’ll automatically enter a conversation with the Undertaker when you get close enough—exhaust your dialogue options with him and move up to the crime scene by the ruins.

You’ll find that the police have left four evidence markers in the area, with each spot offering a few clues. Start with the dead body in a yellow vest and you’ll find:

  • A gun above his head.
  • A key to the left of him.
  • A bullet wound to the chest.
  • He’s blindfolded.

Continue along with the markers and investigate the easily spotted clues. When you come across a yellow jacket, interact with it and you will have access to it in your wardrobe for later.

At marker four, you’ll find a book that contains the three rules for Duelling Club. Jon will challenge you to adhere to the rules of the club for the remainder of the investigation, doing so will net you a bonus later on.

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Pin the clue Duellist’s Footprints and look up the eastern hill. There’s a spot up there containing more evidence—head up and find a few more clues to begin piecing together the scene. After you’ve found all of the evidence, a node will appear near the body. Interact with it and arrange the scene as follows:

  • Marker One: Man falling backwards, gun in air.
  • Marker Two: Man standing and firing toward hill.
  • Between markers two and four: Two Duellists taking guns from man with top hat.
  • Marker Three: Man with top hat standing and holding gun, dropping case.
  • Up the hill: Man with top hat on one knee, firing down.
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After confirming the scene of the crime, Sherlock will declare that he could be missing something, prompting a second node to appear. Interact with it again and arrange the scene as follows once more:

  • Marker Three: Man with top hat holding ears, dropping case.
  • Up the hill: Unknown figure shooting down the hill.
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Now you have a complete picture with which to work. Pin the clue Duel In The Ruins and return to the Undertaker. Speak with him be sure to answer the first dialogue option as “Let’s get to the point.”, doing so will fulfill your requirement for the first rule of Duelling Club.

After you’ve provided evidence and exhausted the remaining dialogue options, head to the Cordona Chronicle’s Archives. Pin the clue Undertaker’s Testimony and search for the following:

  • Section—Front Page.
  • Period—Recent.
  • Districts—Old City.

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Now head to the Police Station’s Archives and pin the Blindfolded Victim clue. Search for the following:

  • Subjects—Victims.
  • Districts—Scaladio.
  • Crimes—Violent Crimes.

Now you’ll have an address. Head to the Van Staub Residence, located on Baskerville St, between Vernet St and Bonaparte St in southern Scaladio.

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Upon entering, you’ll find that access is blocked to everyone but the police. Thankfully, there is an area for you to change into your police uniform on the other side of the room. Once you’re in disguise, walk right through the previously inaccessible door and you’ll find Ms. Von Staub—speak to and observe her.

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Profile her as a victim of beatings and exhaust the following dialogue options as you see fit. Afterward, examine the nearby piano to find a couple of clues, then enter the door to the right of the piano. Look right after exiting the door—this is your opportunity to fulfill the second rule of Duelling club.

Simply approach the vases near Jon, Sherlock will draw his pistol—shoot all of the vases to complete the second step of the challenge.

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Now head up the stairs and enter the door to find two rooms—start with the bird door to the right to find a lot of interesting clues. Be sure to inspect the painting and the three clues surrounding it.

Cross the hall and enter the horse door, scan the room for clues. Once you find the Picture of Blindfolded Men on the desk, pin it and move to the bedside table—there’s a spot to investigate with Concentration Mode that reveals some burnt letters.

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Enter your casebook and start a chemical analysis on the Burnt Letters (solution below).

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Note: This solution was specific to our playthrough. Depending on where you are in the main story, you may need to find a different solution to this chemical analysis.

Return to Ms. Von Staub and show her the following evidence:

  • Letter to Mr. Boddington.
  • Ointment Box.
  • Black Paint Sample.

Leave the Van Staub Residence and head to the Blind Duellist’s Club, found on Baskerville St, midway between Silent Way and Sol’s Row.

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Equip the Duellist Suit before you head into the club, then examine the front hall for a couple of minor clues. Upon entering the next room, you’ll have to deal with a few waves of enemies. Dispatch these enemies non-lethally to fulfill the third and final rule of Duelling Club and earn the win for The True Blind Duellist challenge.

There are another few minor clues on the right side of the room. On the left, look for a spot on the wall to use Concentration Mode and scan it to reveal a hidden lever.

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The shelf to the left will slide open. Enter the hidden area and head up the stairs to find a key witness—Von Cramm. Observe him and profile him as a valuable witness. Exhaust your dialogue options and provide the following evidence when prompted:

  • Missing Revolver
  • Official German Correspondence
  • Debt Letter
  • LeMat Revolver

After this, scan the room once more for new clues and talk to Von Cramm again. When prompted, say “you noticed more at the duel” and do not accuse him. Provide the ointment box and personal letter as evidence.

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Equip your Police Officer disguise and return to the Von Staub Residence. Speak with Ms. Von Staub and accuse her. At this point, you’ll have to provide evidence for three different facets of the murder—answer as follows:

  1. Means of the crime: Missing Gun Case.
  2. Window of oppertunity: Duel in the Ruins.
  3. The Motive: Letter to Mr. Boddington.
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You’ll get a confession and explanation out of Ms. Von Staub after succeeding, followed by a moral choice that’s entirely up to you. After the choice, you’ll appear outside and the case will be complete.

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