While exploring Tower of Fantasy’s large open world, you’ll encounter small cave-like rocks with black liquid oozing out of them. These environmental puzzles run rampant across Aida and usually hide something amazing inside. But unlike Supply Pods, which you can loot simply by interacting with them, environmental puzzles require you to put in a little extra work to get rewards.

The small cave-like rocks with black liquid are called Tar Pits. Here’s what to do when you encounter them anywhere in Aida.

How to loot rocks with black liquid in Tower of Fantasy

Image by GameTips.PRO

The black liquid in Tar Pits is made of flammable petroleum blocks. These ignite when they come in contact with fire, so you need to use a Flame element weapon to apply fire onto the petroleum. An example would be the R Composite Bow, which all players receive during the tutorial, but there are plenty of alternatives as well. The Flame element will force the petroleum to melt, revealing a hidden reward inside—usually Black or Gold Nucleus. Keep in mind that while Tar Pits respawn, they won’t always contain rewards inside them.

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