With the release of Endwalker, Final Fantasy XIV has experienced record congestion and huge numbers of login queues. As a result, a number of errors have appeared, preventing players from logging in or creating characters. One of the most frustrating errors prevents you from making a new character. Upon designing and attempting to start playing with your character, you’ll receive an error that reads “new characters cannot be made on this world at this time.”

This is an anti-congestion and griefing feature. Because new players do not enter the same queue as existing characters and are instead placed in an instance when they start the game, they essentially skip the queue. As a result, character creation is disabled during peak hours to prevent even more congestion and new characters flooding the game in a malicious way.

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Avoiding this is as simple as making your character not at peak times. Our article on How to avoid queues in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker provides information on when the peak times are and details Naoki Yoshida’s post on congestion that was made on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website.

Ultimately, the best tactic for both new players and old players looking to make a new character is to avoid peak times and weekends where queues are the longest. This way, you’ll instantly get into the game and avoid the now infamously long queues. 

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