As you travel across Aida in Tower of Fantasy, you will encounter various puzzles. Often the solution is easy to determine, but a few can be hard to figure out. This includes Concentration Ray towers. This may leave you wondering about completing Concentration Rays in Tower of Fantasy.

What to do with Concentration Rays in Tower of Fantasy

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Concentration Rays is a type of exploration point puzzle in Tower of Fantasy first found in Crown. To complete this puzzle, you must align a series of towers and point them at the purple rift. But, many of the towers are inactive and cannot be activated.

You must follow the chain of towers back to an active tower. Once you do this, you can go in succession and interact with each tower to activate it. This will turn them all on and close the fissure. When you find an inactive tower, search the area until you find the remaining towers in the chain.

Solving Concentration Ray puzzles typically reward you with a Black or Gold Nucleus. They also count toward your exploration points in that region. This makes completing these puzzles worth it, both for the rewards and for completion.

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