Tower of Fantasy offers numerous activities to enjoy as you journey across Aida. You are free to explore and find breathtaking views, fight dangerous enemies, or solve puzzles. One puzzle you will come across is the Co-operative Weight Challenges. This may leave you wondering how to complete the Co-operative Weight Challenges.

To solve the Co-operative Weight Challenges and collect your reward, you will want to play with at least one other person. With two players, the solution is as simple as having each player stand on the two pressure plates. This will release the forcefield around the chest and let you collect it.

How to solve Co-operative Weight Challenges by yourself in Tower of Fantasy

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If you are playing solo, you can still solve the Co-operative Weight Challenges without another player. There are two ways to do this, and both require some quick timing. The first is to find an Elemental Core. You can then pick up and carry this orb to the challenge. Throw the orb onto one of the switches and quickly run to the other. This will activate both pressure plates and solve the puzzle.

The second and perhaps easier method is to attack an enemy and lure them to the Co-operative Weight Challenge. You will want to lead the enemy onto one of the platforms and dash to the other. If you are fast enough, both pressure plates will be activated and release the prize inside. We recommend a larger enemy for more body surface to stand on the platform.

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