While exploring Tower of Fantasy, you’ll encounter various plants that double up as environmental puzzles. These are likely to hide amazing loot inside, including Black and Gold Nuclei! Unlike most Supply Pods, which you can usually loot by interacting with them in the overworld, environmental puzzles require you to put in a little extra work to extract the items hidden inside them.

Among the environmental puzzles are Chowchows, strange blue plants that look like Sea Anemone. You need to make these life-like plants regurgitate to score a chance at an amazing reward. Here’s what to do when you encounter a Chowchow in the game.

How to make giant blue plants regurgitate in Tower of Fantasy

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Chowchows are water-loving plants. When you encounter them, you’ll find some Water Cores nearby. Water Cores are little blue balls with eyes and disperse water when thrown. Interact with a Water Core to lift it, then throw it to the center of the Chowchow to force the blue plant to regurgitate rewards. This is a great way to farm Gold and Black Nuclei, but keep in mind that there may be times when Chowchows have no rewards to give.

Additionally, it’s important to aim the Water Core at the center of the Chowchow. If you aim incorrectly, the Chowchow will not absorb the Water Core, which will become aggressive and attack you. You won’t be able to lift an angry Water Core again, so you’ll have to defeat it instead.

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