The Golden Apple Archipelago is back for Genshin Impact’s Summertime Odyssey event, which runs from July 15, 2022, to Aug. 24, 2022. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete all the puzzles in the fourth room of Mona’s optional Mirage to get two Chests.

You must first complete all the puzzles in the third room of the Mirage before you can proceed to the second room. From the starting point, head to the final room, which is marked by the pattern in the image below. If your door is blocked, input the missing Asterism Shard into the Starshadow Lamp to disperse the barrier, allowing you to enter.

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The Ancient Azure Stars fourth room walkthrough – How to solve all puzzles

Astral puzzle

Once you’re in the room, run forward and follow the path until you encounter a Door of Resurrection and an Astral puzzle in the chamber to its left. The reference image is hidden in a small room to the left, which you can view by adjusting the position of the wall using the mechanism on the right. However, you can forego this step and get straight to the puzzle.

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Reference the image above for the directions in which the Star Guides should face. Once you’ve arranged the Star Guides correctly, the puzzle will be complete, and you’ll be rewarded with an Exquisite Chest.

Follow the floating star

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After completing the Astral puzzle, head further into the chamber. An invisible bridge will form, allowing you to cross. Assuming you’re facing forward, look left to find a star embedded on the wall. The image above illustrates the view facing the area you came from, hence why the star is on the right. Approach the star and interact with it to prompt a floating star to move. The star will keep embedding itself in walls, so follow it and interact with it until it reaches the other side of the chamber.

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Once the floating star disappears, interact with the mechanism and give it the last Asterism Shard. This will prompt the reference image for the next Astral puzzle to appear in the ceiling.

Multi-platform Astral puzzle

For this puzzle, the Star Guides are scattered across the chamber, so you need to traverse through the platforms to rotate them. Assuming that the mechanism is on the left side, reference the images below for the directions the Star Guides should face.

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Above is the left side of the puzzle. The last arrow on the right connects to the first Star Guide in the image below.

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Above are the rest of the Star Guides on the right. The final image is an exact match to the reference, so if the puzzle isn’t solving, just check whether you’ve accidentally misconnected some Star Guides based on the image in the ceiling. Once you’re done connecting them all, an Exquisite Chest will appear for you to loot.

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