As you travel across Aida in Tower of Fantasy, you will encounter various puzzles. Often the solution is easy to determine, but a few can be hard to figure out. This includes the AI Servant. This may leave you wondering about completing AI Servant in Tower of Fantasy.

What to do with AI Servants in Tower of Fantasy

AI Servants are a type of exploration point that you must figure out. To solve these puzzles, approach the AI Servant to get it to start moving. Follow the AI closely because it will stop moving if you stray too far. It will lead you to an NPC named Jelle. Once Jelle gathers the AI Servant, speak to him to complete the exploration point.

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AI Servants typically reward you with a Black or Gold Nucleus. They also count toward your exploration points in that region. This makes completing these puzzles worth it, both for the rewards and for completion.

As mentioned above, stay close to the AI Servant, or it will stop moving. Unfortunately, you cannot simply run to Jelle when you spot him but must stay with the Servant. Make sure you have the jetpack equipped in case the path leads you off a high point.

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