Between your cases in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you will find dozens of delightful side-cases to keep you sharp and help you earn a couple of bucks on the side, too. You can find the side case, A Mad Rogue, upon passing the Fortress of the Holy Spirit Ruins at the intersection of Bazaar Rd and Medrese St in eastern Old City.

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To begin, pin the clue Our Secret and use Concentration Mode to investigate the ruins near Jon.

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Stay in Concentration Mode and turn around to find a trail of Sherlock’s recalled memories. Keep following this trail and investigating each spot that materializes—it will eventually lead you to a burial spot. Interact with the rocks here and you will find a human skull.

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Examine the skull, and you will hear a short exchange of dialogue describing the shocking potential identity of the remains. Afterward, you will automatically complete this side case and earn some interesting information to investigate in your casebook.

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