Finally, you arrive at the famous Monkey Island! You’re so close to the Secret, but you still need to do many more things. As you explore the island, you’ll face captain Madison and her pirate friends. You’ll agree to help them find the Secret. Things they need are some LeChukc’s secrets, but to acquire them, you’ll need to sneak back on to ship. Here’s how to get back on Casual and Hard mode!

How to return to LeChuck’s ship in Return to Monkey Island – Casual Mode

  • Go to Volcano Beach and walk into the water.
  • Climb up anchor to get back onto LeChuck’s ship.
  • Go to the rudder and talk to Gullet about his poetry. Help him and he’ll give you the book.
  • Climb up on deck and get kicked off.
  • Take Gullet’s poetry book to Captain Madison at Giant Monkey Head.
  • Return to the ship.
  • Use the book to disguise as Gullet to get you on the ship, as the eyepatch is gone.

How to get back on LeChuck’s ship in Return to Monkey Island – Hard Mode

  • Go to Volcano Beach on Monkey Island.
  • Dive into the sea.
  • Go left until you see an anchor and climb it.
  • Go left and visit Gullet, who’s still stuck there.
  • Help Gullet with poems.
  • Ask him about the notebook, and he’ll refuse to give it away. It’s the Book of Poems.
  • Use Business Card from inventory on Gullet to get the Book of Poems.
  • Return to Giant Monkey Head.
  • You’ll find out that you have to disguise as one of the crew members to get back on to ship.
  • You’ll need something from one of the crew members, and as it happens, you have just that!
  • Give the Book of Poems to the Pirates
  • Now you have a magical Book of Poems that can transform you into Gullet!
  • Return to the ship.
  • Before you go over the railings, use the magical Book of Poems to become Gullet.
  • Talk to Flair Gorey, guarding the entrance, and she’ll let you pass.

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