In the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 update, the developers have added a slight but effective additional feature to the standard sliding mechanics. You can now use the sliding movement mechanics to knock back enemies by a few meters when you collide with them while sliding.

This is a helpful feature to knock players in scenarios against any enemy team that starts shooting at you by surprise while coming down a mountain or any plane while moving into the zone. To Slide Kick in Fortnite, you must first learn the art of sliding perfectly before using the directional keys precisely to hit someone.

How to slide in Fortnite   

To use the slide mechanics in Fortnite, PC players must hold down the Ctrl button on their keyboards while running. For the console players, press the Right Stick (R3 on PlayStation) on their gamepads to perform a slide. Remember, you can only transition into the slide animation if you are running in the first place. All the prescribed keybuttons are default ones, and you can always change any buttons according to your convenience from the game settings.

How to knock back someone by sliding in Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, once you have mastered the concept of sliding, you can now knock anyone by simply charging toward them with your slide momentum using your directional keys. After a successful collision, the enemies will get thrown back due to the knockback effect. 

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