In Naraka: Bladepoint, Moonbane is the moniker for the God of Yin. In Morus Legends, Moonbane may occasionally grace the preparation lobby while players wait for a match. Once in the lobby, Moonbane will try to kill the players. Moonbane will only appear in the game more the Herald’s Trial.

Battling a god is no simple task. Players must band together to survive Moonbane. If all your allies survive and you manage to achieve victory, you can take on the soul of Moonbane in battle. This allows you to use Moonbane abilities similar to the ones purchasable in the Darktides Shop.

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If you managed to defeat Moonbane you will also gain unique effects while in the preparation lobby for one day. This allows you to show off to other players that you managed to accomplish this rare and difficult task. If you defeat Moonbane several times, you can claim bountiful rewards in the form of Moonbane Treasures.

There is a limit on how many times you can claim the additional Moonbane slaying rewards. The player is allowed to obtain them at most three times a day. Killing the God of Yin is an excellent way for players to show off their skill and earn unique rewards. Though Moonbane spawning is incredibly rare so defeating the god more than once may be difficult.

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