V Rising is an upcoming vampire survival game by Stunlock Studios. Players will awaken as a weakened vampire and regain their strength as they build their empire. No release date has been given for V Rising, but there will be a closed beta that players can sign up for.

To sign up for the V Rising beta, you only need to go to their website and put your email in. Players have the option to sign up for the Stunlock Studios newsletter. They can also follow the developers on social media to stay updated with announcements and the beta start date.

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In V Rising, players can build castles, hunt mortals, and increase their power over the land. They can assert their dominion over humans to build a powerful vampire empire and protect them during the day. Players will need to manage their exposure to the sun as it could kill them.

Not only that but V Rising offers online multiplayer in which players can play with friends and strangers alike. They can explore the world together or play as a solitary vampire. By signing up for the beta, players can get early access to V Rising and experience the joy and terror of being a vampire.

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