Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to release in 2023, but Capcom has announced a closed beta. It will run from October 7, 2022, through October 10, 2022, giving players early access to the title. This may leave you wondering how to join the Street Fighter 6 beta.

How to register for the Street Fighter 6 beta?

To sign up and register for the Street Fighter 6 beta, head to the official Street Fighter 6 website and click the Closed Beta button. You will need to create and confirm a Capcom Id and link your platform to participate. The beta will be available on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Once you complete these steps and agree to the terms and privacy policy, you will be signed up for the beta. This does not guarantee your entry, but you will not be able to play the beta without registering your interest first.

The Street Fighter 6 beta will feature eight characters to choose from and several game modes. This includes ranked match, casual match, battle hub match, open tournament, extreme battle, game center, and training mode. You will also be able to create your custom character.

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