The Finals is an action-packed, fast-paced competitive shooter, offering completely destructible environments. Battle as a team and use various playstyles to claim victory in this combat-centered game show. While The Finals has no official release date, developer Embark Studios has announced a playtest starting on September 29, 2022. This may leave you wondering how to register for The Finals playtest.

How to join the playest for The Finals

To sign up and join The Finals playtest, go to the Steam page for the game. Below the Wishlist button, you will see an option to Request Access to The Finals playtest. Click this, and you will be entered for a chance to play in the playtest. This does not guarantee your entry, so keep an eye out for an email or confirmation from Steam.

If you gain access to The Finals playtest, you will be able to enjoy the title ahead of its official release and experience it first for yourself. The Finals looks to be a thrilling experience with its high-octane action and destructible environment.

Embark Studios made this announcement alongside a gameplay trailer showcasing pre-alpha footage. You can watch the trailer and see what awaits you in the playtest on the official The Finals YouTube channel.

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