We are now in Week 14 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, which means we are facing a new set of legendary challenges. One of the Legendary Challenges this week is from Doctor Slone, to shut down power to the radar dishes around the map. This is a simple quest, but it requires you to visit two different radar dishes.

To complete this quest, you simply need to interact with the power supply at the base of the radar dishes. The power supplies look the same at each dish and you can see an example of them in the map below. Also shown in the map below is the location of each of the six radar dishes. For further instructions on where to find them refer to the directions below the map.

Radar dish locations with image of power supply.

When you have entered any of the satellite stations shown above, simply walk up to the base of the radar dish. Next to the control panel will be a power supply that has a green light on it, as shown in the image above. Interact with that power supply to shut off the power to the dish.

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The best locations to complete this quest are Defiant Dish and Dockside Dish since they are closer together than any other pairs of satellite stations. If you land at Defiant Dish, it’s a short drive across the center of the map to get the second power supply at Dockside Dish. However, Defiant Dish is a highly contested drop point at the beginning of the match, so go to Dampy Dish and Discovery Dish if you were hoping to do this without combat.

Once you have shut off the power supply to two of the dishes shown above, the quest is marked as complete. You’re ready to move on to the next quest: Spoil the Mole’s Sabotage Attempt.

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