Tiktok is a well-known app for social media and entertainment on mobile devices. But, TikTok has announced that they are launching a live streaming software similar to Twitch and YouTube. This new software is called TikTok LIVE Studio.

Downloading Tiktok LIVE Studio is a quick and easy process. Simply head to the official website and download the software. Once downloaded, you will need to install the program, giving the required access when prompted. After a few minutes, TikTok LIVE Studio should be downloaded and available to use.

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This push by TikTok will let them compete with other live streaming services and attempt to expand their viewership. Currently, TikTok LIVE Studio is only available on Windows but will likely come to mobile platforms later which means you can watch it anywhere.

Once TikTok LIVE Studio is downloading, you can watch some of your favorite content creators live stream. In addition, TikTok will (likely) aggressively pursue popular content creators to encourage more users to use their live streaming service versus others.

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