To set the bandwidth limit for when you are using the Oculus Quest 2, and in general, you will need to download the Oculus app on your desktop or PC. Inside the app and under the general settings tab, you will see two options: Bandwidth Limit and Bandwidth limit for a while using VR.

The first option will set the general limit on much your VR headset uses the internet when it is currently not in use.

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The second option is for when you are using the headset and will set the bandwidth limit accordingly. Depending on what you want, you will need to choose either of these options to change your Oculus Quest 2’s bandwidth. To change your bandwidth, press the arrow next to no limit, as shown below for both options.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Doing so will allow you to change your bandwidth limit to the desired setting from no limit to up to 7 MB and a custom option.

Once you change the option, that will be it for what you will need to do to set your bandwidth limit on the Oculus Quest 2 system. If you ever want to remove the limit or change it back, you can always do it by following the sets you used to place a limit.

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