With a total of 4,100 Gamerscore to be had, there’s plenty to do in Sea of Thieves. From “cronching” on bananas to becoming a Pirate Legend, if you can think of it, odds are that it’s an achievement. But how do you check which achievements you need and what your progress is?

Where to find your Sea of Thieves achievements


  • Press the Xbox button to bring up the Xbox Menu
  • Navigate to Profile & System
  • Select your Profile
  • Select My Profile
  • Select Gaming
  • Go down to Achievements
  • Select Sea of Thieves


  • Open the Xbox App
  • Click on My Library
  • Select Sea of Thieves
  • Scroll down to Achievements
  • Click Show All

That’s all there is to viewing your achievements in Sea of Thieves. There’s plenty to do, and it’s a big world to explore, so take to the seas and give nothing back. Take down that skeleton fortress, sink that random sloop, and loot everything that isn’t nailed down. After all, it’s a Sea of Thieves, not a Sea of Friends.

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