Being able to see your position is vital in most life-threatening games, especially those like Subnautica: Below Zero, where you are stranded in icy waters.

To see coordinates in-game, all you need to do is press F1, and a window will open. This window contains information about your current build, camera position, weather, and massive amounts of other data.

This window has multiple tabs at the top of the page—press F8, and it’ll open up the feedback window and pause the game. Allowing you to use the mouse cursor. Find and click the Other tab. Do take note that when you click it, the game will un-pause, so quickly press F8 again.

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On this new page, look underneath the table at the top for world pos: (then a string of numbers.) It’ll look something like this: world pos: (87.7, -365.0, -937.1)

These are your exact coordinates in-game where your character is. The coordinates can be used in a few different ways.

  • If you are using a guide to try and locate something but want to get there by yourself, you can use the coordinates you find the place.
  • The second is using Console Commands and warping there, then making sure you warped to the correct location.
  • Or the third, if you wanted to help out a friend and give him locations to some Magnetite or an area you found stacked with materials.

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