To scare someone in BitLife, players will need to use the murder option in the game. Players can find the murder option under the list of crimes available to them under the activity crimes tab.

Click crimes, and you will see murder among the listed actions you can take. The murder option will also have a knife icon if you don’t know what to look for. That said, click murder, and it will give you a list of options you can choose to murder your choice of target.

Rleated: How to Commit Murder in Bitlife

If you want to scare someone to do death, you will need to pick the option that says “scare to death” under murder methods. But before trying to murder someone using the scare method, keep in mind that it has a high chance of failing.

Because of this, if you are trying to complete the achievement that requires scaring someone to death, you will need to close the app to reroll the results if you get caught in the act.

After a few tries, you will eventually succeed and kill someone by scaring them. But if not, you can always try creating a character who is more suited for crimes by starting to commit crimes at a young age.

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