The Dark Pictures Anthology is known for two things, the edge of seat horror and game-altering decisions. Those two themes return in House of Ashes. Whether you are trying to 100 percent the game or just don’t want to see the characters die, here is how to save Rachel in House of Ashes.

Just about every decision you make in this game will greatly impact who lives and dies. Rachel has many decisions that can affect her fate, and keeping her alive won’t be as easy as some of the other characters. If you want to ensure that Rachel survives till the end, you will need to make all of the correct choices along the way.

Spoiler Warning: House of Ashes spoilers below!

The Temple

In The Temple, while playing as Eric, you will be met with a choice. That choice is to cut the rope and let Rachel fall or not cut the rope, which will snap anyway. This choice may seem like an opportunity to keep Rachel alive, but it truly will not affect her fate either way. In both instances, she will survive, so feel free to cut that rope!


In Bloodbath, Rachel will face a decision to help or abandon Clarice after she has helped her out of the temple. This will not have a direct effect on Rachel’s life. However, helping Clarice gives her a chance to survive at the cost of another character. So it’s best to abandon Clarice in order to play it safe.

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The Assault

During The Assault, Salim will partake in multiple quick-time events while fighting the monsters. You will have the choice of which monsters to attack. Make sure that Salim shoots the monster that is attacking Rachel. This will ensure Rachel does not die here, even though she will become infected.

Strange Aeons

During this scene, Rachel will go to try and knife the White Phosphorus. DO NOT do this action, and wait out the timer instead.

Shortly after this, some dialogue options will appear in which the characters discuss whether or not Jason should kill Rachel. You will need to choose the Desperate option twice to spare Rachel. Later on, Eric will use UV light to burn the infection away from Rachel.

Final Stand

This section is all about succeeding at quick-time events. Just messing up on one of these could spell death for a valued character. During this scene, every character still alive will have to perform a few quick-time events. So, make sure to pay extra attention to Rachel, and when her turn comes around, make sure to carry out each event successfully.

As long as you’ve made all the right decisions up to this point, Rachel will survive the game. She will escape the temple relatively unscathed, along with any other characters who made it this far with her. That is how you can save Rachel in House of Ashes.

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