Trigon: Space Story does not tell you when it will save, so it’s hard to know if you can leave and things will work out. This is because there is no conventional save system, and there is no way to save manually. Each auto-save is overwritten at the start of every day.

It means if you start a new day in Trigon: Space Story and make a lot of progress, you’ll lose all of that progress if you don’t do something to make the day go by. If you die, you lose your one save, so it’s imperative that you take each playthrough seriously.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to cheat this system.

Are there checkpoint saves in Trigon: Space Story?

Every new day is saved, meaning that you’re given a checkpoint each day. When you know you’re dying or lost an essential crewmate, you can always Alt-F4 out of the game and try again from your daily save. While this is not the way the game was meant to be played, it’s a nice way to lower the difficulty if you don’t like perma-death in Trigon: Space Story.

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