The DioField is an RPG that uses a real-time tactical system, meaning the game can sometimes be unforgiving if your attention is not 100% on the ball. So saving is paramount to do on every occasion. Here’s a guide on how to save in The DioField Chronicle.

When can you save in The DioField Chronicles?

You can only manually save in the Headquarters/base called Elm Camp in The DioField Chronicle. To do that, press the Start Button/ESC, then Save, and select one of the four available slots.

There is no autosaving in The DioField Chronicle, and you cannot save anywhere else but Elm Camp. Not even on the pre-mission screen. Because of this, it is very to forget to save, so every time you go back to HQ, save.

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Can you save in battle in The DioField Chronicle?

You cannot save in battle either in The DioField Chronicle, so you can either continue on or leave the battle, and everything will reset to its pre-mission status. Even though you cannot save, The DioField Chronicle has a very forgiving checkpoint system.

Every time an objective is completed in a mission, a checkpoint will be created, allowing you to revert to that checkpoint if things go awry. If one of your units becomes incapacitated or you are about to lose. You can reset progress to an early time and try a different tactic. Instead of having to undertake the whole mission again.

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