To save in Glitchpunk, players must locate a safe house called a hideout on the map and enter it to spend a night.

Upon doing so, they will save their games and will start from the safe house, should they need to reload or relaunch their games.

Players will also need to do this every time they want to save progress, and it is highly recommended right after a tough mission to avoid having to do it all again.

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That said, you can find your hideout safehouse by locating its icon via the legend on the left of your screen when the map is opened or simply looking in the spot shown by the image below.

Your safe house will always be in the location on the map above marked by the little house icon, so you will want to make it almost a ritual to come back here to save after every mission.

In the same area of the safehouse hideout, there are also several vendors you can use to restock on either health, a garage to get your car, and a headhunt mission you can take on at any time in the game.

This mission will task you with basically killing a certain number of faction NPCs in a limited time; it’s good to practice the shooting and to make a quick buck between missions.

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