To save in Garden Story, players must return to Concord’s home or use a leaf pillow. To interact with the leaf pillow players must press the Z key or the A button. There are several options available to the player at the leaf pillow including saving.

Saving not only tracks the player’s progress but also advances the day. From the leaf pillow, players can also view both Concord’s stats and the village’s stats. Both the village and Concord have several stats to keep up with and manage with Concord having significantly more.

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There is another option that is currently locked off from the player that will be revealed later. Upon resting, the player will be told several quests that are now available to them. These can be viewed at the quest board outside of their home. These quests can range from conflict, maintenance, and forage as well as having a level of difficulty associated with each.

As the game does not feature any auto-save functionality, it is important to make sure you are saving your progress along the way. Those who forget will have to restart from the last checkpoint they saved from.

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