Unlike most games, Dragon Quest XI has a peculiar system where the player must find either an item or seek out a specific location to save their game. That said, in this guide, you will find out where and how to save your game in Dragon Quest XI.

Where and how to save manually in Dragon Quest XI

To save in Dragon Quest XI, you must find either a camp or one of the many church buildings in the game. Inside these camps, you can save your game via an item called a Sacred Stone. These stones will not only save your game but also heal your party members, including yourself. Along with this, you can reorganize and choose different skills and respec with a Sacred Stone.

How to save using churches in Dragon Quest XI

The other option you can do to save is as we previously mentioned, saving in churches. To save using a church in Dragon Quest XI, all you simply need to do is find one and talked to the priest. You can locate churches by the icon shown in the image above; you can also find churches in any town or safe area with NPCs around.

Once inside, find the priest; they will usually be standing inside or outside the building. When you find the priest, talk to them and then choose the confession option as shown above. 

When you choose this option, you can save your game like in any other JRPG; the game also has an interesting way of explaining this system using lore. Basically, by confessing, you’re letting the god of light know that you are accomplishing things.

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