No matter what title they are playing, nobody wants to lose progress on a game, so saving is paramount to keep you wanting to continue playing. Some games have an autosave system or are based on checkpoints.

Greak: Memories uses an old-school save point mechanic, that if you die before you can save again—all progress is lost, and you load back at your previous save. To save in Greak, you must locate a rounded small stone pillar with a hole in its center. It’s fractionally bigger than Greak.

Once you have located one, interact with it by pressing B on controller or E on keyboard, and a menu will appear asking you to accept to save the game or to cancel and not. Choose accept to save the game.

How to load in Greak: Memories of Azur?

If you want to load the game, you can actually do so from anywhere, but remember, this will reload your last save, so it’s the equivalent of dying. All you need to do is press Start or Escape to bring up the Pause Menu. While on this menu to the second option is Revert To Save. This is your load game option, just press accept to load or to cancel to continue playing on.

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