To salvage items in New World, you will first need to right-click an item you don’t want anymore. Right-clicking an item will reveal the option to salvage an item in the game under a tab. Click salvage and then confirm it by hitting yes when prompted.

Doing so will then break the weapon or armor down into repair parts, which you can use to make repair kits if you didn’t know already. Repair kits are items you can use to repair both weapons and armor in the game.

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You can also just use repair parts to repair your items alongside a bit of gold. To do this, right-click an item and find the repair option.

So if you are interested in the repair part or kit methods of repairing items, we highly recommend breaking items down to get repair parts. However, we also recommend only salvaging items unless you are sure you don’t want them, as even useless items can still get some use out of them.

For example, you can make a decent amount of money from selling unwanted items in certain cities on the map via the trading post, such as Windward and First Light. But it takes time for items to sell, so in most cases, you are fine with just salvaging the item outright.

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