As you upgrade your gear in V Rising you will have old pieces that will simply take up storage space. This old pieces should be salvaged for extra materials and resources. Here is how to salvage Items and Weapons in V Rising.

Unlock the Devourer

Firstly, you will need to build a Devourer. To unlock this refinement station you will need to find and defeat V Blood carrier, Lidia the Chaos Archer. Lidia can be a challenging fight, check out our guide on where to find her.

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After consuming her V blood you will unlock the Devourer. The Devourer requires 12 wooden planks and 6 copper ingots to build.

Salvaging Items and Weapons

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Once built, you can interact with the Devourer to input items and gear to output raw materials. This can be done with weapons, armor and refined resources to return them to their unrefined state. If you are playing on a full loot PvP server, it may be worth keeping some weapons or armor at your base in case of death as you will loose all items upon death. For normal PvP and PvE servers, these items can be safely salvaged where appropriate.

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