Disney Dreamlight Valley features a large map with lots to do in every area. Sometimes it can feel like you can’t run fast enough, and without the ability to sprint, you can feel stuck going at the same pace always. There is one way to speed up your character and here is how.

To boost your character’s speed, you must get the Well Fed status, which you can get by increasing your energy bar.

How to increase energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to increase your energy, you need to eat food. Each action like mining, gathering, digging, etc, decreases your energy, which can only be regained by returning home or eating food. Once your energy bar is full, you can fill it again by eating dishes made at the stove. Normal items like apples, fish, or other foods scavenged do not increase the second energy meter.

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After eating dishes, your energy bar will fill up gold and once all the way filled, you will get the Well Fed status. Your character will move and perform actions faster while under the effects of Well Fed.

The status lasts a long time if you do not perform any actions, so it can be a great way to increase speed to run around completing quests or exploring areas. The best way to keep your speed up is to immediately cook something and eat when first logging in when your energy is already full.

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