Being a streamer can be hard work, especially when you’re starting out or testing out new gear. The last thing you want is for your viewers to see you fumbling around on stream. To help ensure this doesn’t happen, you can learn how to do test streams before going live.

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Twitch has made the process of testing your stream pretty easy, as the website has its own dedicated testing tool. This tool can tell you if your satisfying the minimum streaming requirements and help you to ensure that all of your equipment is running smoothly.

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Here’s how to test out your stream before going live on Twitch:

  • Go to Twitch Inspector and login with your account.
  • Once you’re in, simply click Run a stream test.
  • This will cause a window to pop-up giving you instructions on how to run the test.
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  • You simply need to get your Twitch key and add ?Bandwidthtest=true at the end.
    • Your Twitch key is found within Settings –> Stream section of the Creator Dashboard on Twitch.
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  • Copy this new key into the Twitch key section of your preffered streaming progam (OBS/StreamLabs).
  • Hit start streaming on the pop-up.

Once this is done, your test stream will be viewable. You can stop this stream at any time and refresh Twitch Inspector to see your stream stats. Be sure that your normal Twitch key is put back in, and you will be able to go live to your viewers without issue.

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