Cities Skylines is Paradox Interactive’s premier city-builder, allowing players the freedom to create their dream cities any way they want. But one of the key elements of customizing your cities is being able to rotate objects.

However, it’s not always intuitive, and there are restrictions on what can be rotated in-game and how. 

The primary item that can be rotated in Cities Skylines are objects. Objects are not always buildings, but instead are usually terrain and decorative items. They’re found in the Landscaping and Disasters section of the menu. They include items such as rocks, trees, fences, gazebos, etc. 

To rotate an object, go to place the object and tap right-click. This will rotate the item by 45 degrees each time. Alternatively, click and hold right-click, and the item will rotate on an axis around your cursor. 

Buildings, for the most part, cannot be rotated. Instead, they will orientate themselves in relation to the road they are placed on. Other buildings, such as Wind Turbines and special structures, will rotate to environmental factors like wind or water flow. So, unfortunately, there’s not as much control as you might want.

However, don’t give up if you’re really looking to rotate other items in-game—The Steam Workshop contains a number of tools to help you increase your customization options.

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