There are many things you can do as a player to mold your world in Sims 4. You can create a family, choose a career, and even create a home. When building homes, you get many options for décor. But how to you rotate things?

Rotating Furniture in Sims 4 — Detailed Guide

Here’s how to get your furniture turned in any direction for exquisite decorating in Sims 4!

Method One: Rotation Keys

The method only works for certain items, like stairs. But when you do have these unique items, the game gives you the very convenient option to use specialized rotation tools, located in a box above the item.

Method Two: Left and Right Clicking

The clicking method is probably the simplest. This will rotate items in only one direction, but it doesn’t require moving your mouse or using your keys. Just left-click the furniture and then right-click with the mouse to rotate the item.

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Method Three: Comma and Period

The comma and period method is very straight forward. You click on an item and you should see the green grid underneath. From there, you use the comma (,) and period (.) keys to complete rotation.

Method Four: Sims 3 Camera and Alt-Key

When you want to rotate an item at a more casual angle, this method is best. Using the Sims 3 camera trick is great for items that are naturally askew in the real world, adding an element of realism to your gameplay. To do free rotation, simply turn on the Sims 3 camera in the top corner and then hold the alt-key and left-click.

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