If you are a Dragon Age fan or even a fan of Bioware games in general, then you will be used to the concept of romancing the NPCs along your journey. One of the big ones from Dragon Age: Inquisition is Cassandra, so here is how to get into her good books!

Can anyone date Cassandra?

Unfortunately for the ladies, Cassandra is 100% hetero… sorry, gals. You will only pursue a romantic relationship with her if you begin the game as a male character. You can flirt with her as a female character. However, after a while, she will tell you that she just wants to remain friends.

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How to Have a Relationship with Cassandra

In any situation where you are talking directly to Cassandra, or you are involved in a group conversation in which Cassandra is present, you need to pick the dialogue options that lean towards you supporting the Chantry.

You will also need to pick conversation options that convince other characters that you believe in being the Herald of Andraste (The Savior). Choosing dialogue options that have a heart symbol next to them will also favor the lady you wish to court.

Important Missions that You Need to Complete

After getting to good standing with Cassandra during conversations, some missions will be given to you, which will also be imperative in earning her hand (okay, we’ll stop with the ye olde talk now!)

The three most important missions will be Unfinished Business and Guilty Pleasures, which the Inner Circle will assign, and Promise of Destruction, which will come straight from Cassandra herself.

For the first two, you will need Varric’s help, and with the latter one, the sooner you complete the objective, the better to return to Cassandra to progress the storyline and relationship.

Once you return to her after completing the Promise of Destruction, she will infer that you meet together in a more secluded spot. You must have a good level of relationship with her before this. Otherwise, she will not offer up the advance.

When this suggestion takes place, make it clearly known that you are interested in meeting up. If you do not, then the offer will be taken off the table, and the player will lose the chance to have a relationship with her.

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Once you have agreed to meet up, you will be given another quest, The Ideal Romance. You will need to grab three items for this mission:

  • A tome of poetry that you can get from the book trader of Redcliffe in Hinterlands
  • Some flowers
  • Some candles

You can purchase the flowers and candles from any trader in Val Royeux.

After procuring the items, head to Skyhold to meet back up with Cassandra, and during the conversation, suggest meeting in the more secluded spot and using the items you have just obtained.

After going to the romantic spot, you will spend the night together. In the morning, another conversation will ensue, and you will be prompted to express your desire for a stable relationship with her. And once you have chosen that, you will officially be with Cassandra!

All other romanceable characters will no longer be options upon completing this, so no trying to date two people like in The Witcher 3!

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