DioField Chronicle is a real-time strategy game. It’ll require quick thinking and lots of pausing to get the best out of your characters so they don’t perish. Due to the real-time nature, it’s very easy to lose track of units’ health, but how exactly do you restore HP to your units in The DioField Chronicle?

How to replenish your HP in The DioField Chronicle

There are a few ways to restore HP in The DioField Chronicle. You can find Green Jade Fragments, use potions, passive abilities, and get a Magicker character or a Magilumic Orb to heal your units. Some ways to heal are better than others, yet others require you not to use your precious EP.

All the ways to heal in The DioField Chronicle

Green Jade Fragments

Green Jade Fragments are a way to heal your units for free, but the trade-off is they are an inconsistent drop in the first portion of the game. If one drops, pick it up, and all units will have some HP restored. This won’t be much, but it’s better than nothing.

You can get an ability for Fredret that will 100% drop a Green Jade Fragment upon an enemy’s defeat. The ability is called Physical Protection but costs ten Ability Points to acquire. It’ll take a while to get.


Potions are your regularly starting healing method in most RPGs. Yet in DioField Chronicle, you can only equip two potions of any kind in your party of four. Once a potion is used, it’s gone for good. It does not replenish after the mission is over. You have to spend Guld at the shop to purchase another one. As you progress, more varied potions, such as potions that restore both HP and EP, will become available.

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Passive Abilities

Some characters, you can acquire passive healing abilities. Izelair is one of these characters. By spending ten Ability Points, you can unlock an ability called Rude Health, which restores 1% of HP every three seconds. It doesn’t seem much, but this ability can be upgraded to increase the percentage of health restored. And very much like a Green Jade Fragment, nothing to scoff at.

Magicker Unit

Not long into Diofield Chronicle, you will get a Magicker unit main character who excels at healing. From this moment on, healing will 80% be dedicated to this character, with the use of potions in dire circumstances. And Green Jade Fragments for a free little boost.

Magilumic Orbs

After receiving your Magicker unit, you will have to complete a Sub Quest called The Chains that Bind a short while later. You will get a free Magilumic Orb during this quest, which is all about healing. However, this Orb needs two TP gauge stages to be filled instead of only one to use to summon Bahamut.

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