Praey for the Gods has three main stats: fire resistance, hunger resistance, and exhaustion resistance. Each one is fundamentally important, to keep as full as possible, due to the adverse effects of letting them go empty.

To restore exhaustion resistance, you can do one of three things. First, you can find yourself a bedroll. This is a supply item you can use from your inventory and sleep wherever you choose. The second is finding a potion or cooked mushrooms that restore some exhaustion resistance. And lastly, is find yourself a bedroll in a cave, next to a campfire pit, where you can cook food.

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If you navigate to your supplies tab in your inventory, the icon with three pieces of wood twined together. Hovering over each item will display what the item is used for. You’re looking for a circle symbol with a sleeping face in the center. This symbol will also have a partially filled green outline around it. This green is how much is restored of your exhaustion.

If your exhaustion runs empty, the time it takes before your stamina starts regeneration is increased. So in dire circumstances, this delay may lead to your character’s death, so you’ll always want to keep exhaustion resistance at full.

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