To respec skills and stats in Death Trash, you will need to find the NPC Torald in the town of Tauris in Death Trash. Torald will be able to reset both your skills and core stats for the price 55 gold in the game.

If you don’t have the gold, you can easily get it by killing enemies and selling the loot you obtain from them. Farming flesh worms and dismantling them to get brain parts and meat is another good way to make some extra gold.

That said, once you have around 55 gold, you will be able to respect your skills by finding Torald in the spot shown below in Tauris.

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When you find Torald, walk up and talk to him and choose the option that says show me your services in his dialogue menu. From there on, you will be able to respec by purchasing the service from the buy menu.

As a side note, respecing skills is not the only thing Torald can do. He can also change your character’s appearance via another option in his buy menu, this option is called reset visuals. Players can use this option if they have 46 gold in their inventories.

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