Stands are a large part of what makes Project Star the game that it is, so it’s important to know how to reset and interchange them. Getting started with this process is luckily pretty easy, all it requires is a spiky fruit that can be found lying around various parts of Cairo. This fruit, the Rokakaka, has a 25% chance of spawning so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Image credit to the official Project Star Trello

After finding a Rokakaka, all you need to do is eat it and your current Stand will be deleted. This action can’t be undone, however, so be extra sure that you want to delete it. After deleting your current Stand you’re free to begin trying your luck at finding another one—if you’re going to try and farm them we recommend making sure that you have plenty of Rokakaka!

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Another option available to players to remove a stand is by storing it in the Stand Storage building—if you have space. Every player is given 3 free storage slots at the Stand Storage Building and the option to purchase up to two additional slots, 300 Robux for the first and 750 Robux for the second. To begin storing simply talk to the NPC Robert Speedwagon and he will help you get started.

Once you’ve filled all 3 or 5 spaces with Stands, you’ll be forced to begin resetting them with Kokakaka fruits, so make sure that you know which Stands are the ones you want to keep around!

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