Surviving on Galatea 37 in The Riftbreaker is no easy task. The player must manage their resources, numerous bases, and fend off the wild creatures that call the planet their home. Even the environment can pose a deadly threat to Ashley and Mr. Riggs. To stay alive, players will need to plan and one way to do this is to research.

Researching in The Riftbreaker is an important aspect as it allows you to get new weapons, abilities, buildings, and more. To research in The Riftbreaker, you will first have to build a Communications Hub. This lets the planet download schematics from Earth and acquire new technology. After building the hub, players can begin researching.

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This is done in the main menu. Press the Esc key and navigate to the icon that looks like a scientific beaker. In this research menu, players have three different tabs to research. They can research new technology for their base/buildings, weapons/mech suit, and alien technology. Each of these has a research tree that unlocks new technologies.

Players can select what research they want to complete and it will be added to the queue. Each one requires a certain time and the player can track this in the research menu. When one has been completed, the player will be notified.

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